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General Information

Check in / Check Out Times

Check in time is at 4pm, check out time is at 10am.

Who can I contact if I have a problem or question while I'm at the resort?

In most cases, the front desk or activities staff can provide the assistance you need. Owner Services staff is available from 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday and 10am to 6pm on Saturday. Owner Services is closed Sunday and holidays. We also have a Manager on Duty at all times should you feel the need for special assistance.

Do you have a restaurant on property?

We have a restaurant and tiki bar located on our first floor. Seating is available inside & outside. Please check with the restaurant for any daily specials and hours of operation.

Are all the suites oceanfront?

Not all of our suites are oceanfront. The resort itself is on the ocean, however some suites offer ocean views, island views or tropical views of our pool/courtyard.

May I park a motorhome or recreational vehicle on property?

We do not have onsite parking available for motorhomes, trailers, boats, or RV’s. Alternative parking information can be provided.

Do you have any planned activities at the resort?

We have an extensive schedule of activities for adults and children. Please see Resort Activities for more info.

What do the Timeshare Suites look like?

Each of our suites are furnished with a full complement of amenities. An inventory is provided in your suite.

What is the Rental Agreement I Received in the mail with my maintenance bill?

If you are a WEEKS owner and choose not to use or deposit your week with RCI, you can request the Resort to try to rent it for you. All maintenance fees and taxes must be paid in order to sign up for the rental program. Please contact Owner Services for more information or download the form from

What is there to do in the area round the resort?

Please click here for more information about Resort Activities.

What is the resort's pet policy?

We are not classified as a pet friendly resort.

Please note: We do not allow any personal umbrellas in the pool area or on the beach. This is to insure the safety of all our guests.

About your Ownership

My deed says I own a floating week, yet a friend owns a fixed, floating unit. What do floating and fixed terms mean?

A fixed week refers to a specific week or unit designated for your use. If you own week 2, you’ll always be set to arrive for that week, unless you deposit it with RCI. Please contact owner services to determine what date that week 2 starts each year. A floating week or unit means you do not have a set week or unit (if either is specified as floating). These terms are important to be familiar with and determine your usage of your timeshare unit/week. Whether you have a fixed or floating contract, it is important to contact Owner Services as soon as you decide your usage for any year. This can also give your more of an opportunity to get the week you prefer in floating cases. The longer you delay, the less likely you will be able to find availability when you prefer. Floating for purposes of reservations or exchange is on a first come, first serve basis.

I own a double share. Am I entitled to 1 week in the double share or 2 weeks?

If you own 1 week double share, you can occupy it only for the particular week owned.

Can I make reservations at the resort after my week has passed (Fixed week Owners) or after December 1st (Floating week Owners) year?

It is your responsibility as an owner to make you reservations in advance of your week. If you own a floating unit, the sooner you place your reservation, the better your chances are to get the week you want. Reserve as soon as possible.

I want to sell my timeshare unit. How do I do that?

Check your condominium documents, they are circumstances you need to be aware of and comply with to sell.

Can the resort re-sell or buy back my timeshare unit for me?

Currently the Resort does not offer a re-sale program nor does it buy back timeshare units. You can contact the Berkley Group Inc at 954-563-2444 if you would like to deed back your week.

I own a floating unit, how do I get the suite I prefer when I come for my stay at the resort?

As an owner you receive preferential location for your stay, but it is based on a first come, first served basis always. To optimize your benefit decide what is you want to do early and put your request in with Owner Services.

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