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Owner Corner

Our goal is to make your experience as an owner at Palm Beach Shores Resort and Vacation Villas enjoyable and carefree. We will accomplish this by being responsive to your needs and by providing the information on which you can schedule your time at either your home resort or at an RCI location. View current years budget click here.

** 2014 – Resale Scam – Please be aware Vacation Village Timeshare Resales and Timeshare Leaders Financial Company are not affiliated with Vacation Village Resorts or Palm Beach Shores Resort and Vacation Villas.

** 2015 TRUSTEE FORECLOSURE: The Board of Directors has authorized the Association to elect to use the trustee (non-judicial) foreclosure procedure established by Part III of Chapter 721 of the Florida Statutes with respect to foreclosure of assessment liens. For further information please contact us at 386-898-0091.

RCI Member Information
  • All the details and more about your RCI membership can be found at
  • Owners at Palm Beach Shores Resort who belong to RCI have all the RCI member benefits provided in the Gold Crown category
  • Gold Crown, high demand resort. A fine combination when you begin to trade your weeks
  • RCI is an independent timeshare exchange organization and can be reached at 800-338-7777 (WEEKS) or 877-968-7476 (POINTS) or via website
Week Owners

If RCI membership is new to you, keep these things in mind as you explore your membership privileges:

  • To maximize your trading power, deposit your weeks early.
  • Deposit your week directly with Owner Services at the Resort. They will inform RCI for you.
  • Your maintenance fees must be paid to either deposit, use or rent your week.
  • Your maintenance fees must be paid in order to use any of your owner benefits at the resort. (Based on availability).
Point Owners
  • You must contact RCI points directly at 877-968-7476 to make a reservation. Your points are automatically deposited for 3 years from purchase or upgrade year
  • In order to be guaranteed a reservation, you must contact RCI to confirm 12-13 months prior to your desired arrival date
  • Your maintenance fees must be paid to redeem your points for your requested year
  • After 3 years of ownership, you can convert back to weeks by contacting RCI. RCI will then notify the resort
  • Points ownership does not qualify for our Rental Program
  • If you own a floating week, make sure to contact Palm Beach Shores Resort early in the year to reserve your week or deposit it with RCI. If you wait until the year end, there may not be any weeks available. By reserving or depositing your week early on, you maximize your trading power for the week you deposit. This enhances the ability to get the week you desire. If you choose to bank your floating week, you must do so by December 1st
  • Start your exchange request as early as possible, particularly if you choose to travel in high demand season or high demand areas. With your trading power maximized when requesting exchange destination early, you increase your probability of having your request fulfilled. All maintenance fees and taxes must be paid prior to depositing your week for the year you want to deposit
  • If you have travel time flexibility (off season or last minute), check out RCI’s Vacation Escapes. This program allows you to travel on an exchange to areas where there is an excess inventory without exchanging the week you own. It’s a great way to get an extra vacation. Please review your latest Endless Vacation magazine from RCI or check the website ( for an updated list of destinations and specials available
  • 4/18/2019.

    Dear Owners:

    Please note…. Daily Management Inc. nor Palm Beach Shores Resort and Vacation Villas Resorts are affiliated with any of the entities listed below. As such, we do not know about and cannot attest to nor comment on the legitimacy of the entity/company. We can only recommend that you do not release any private information, sign any documents or pay any money up-front to an unknown and unverified entity/company/person.

    1. N.A.T.C. – The National Association of Travel Centers
    2. Enterprise Company, LLC
    3. Save Away
    4. In Compliance Services TB2Q
    5. Resort Transfers International, LLC
    6. American Vacation Group
    7. GWF LLC
    8. First Decision LLC.
    9. Vacation Village Timeshare Resales
    10. Timeshare Leaders financial Company
    11. Vacation Village, Inc.
    12. Vacation Village Timeshare Resales
    13. Leisure Getaways Incorporated
    14. Innovative Resort Marketing
    15. Property Owner Notification
    16. Stanley Rochelle out of Orlando
    17. Resort Property Management Company
    18. Resort Management Group
    19. Fisherman Cove
    20. Property Management Communications
    21. Company Notification Services
    22. Vacation Village Realty
    23. Notification Services
    24. Last Resort Fee LLC
    26. timeshare cancellation company
    27. Pine Tree Consultants
    28. MTG Consultants
    29. Timeshare Recover d/b/a
    30. with Vacation Owners Group, Carlsbad, CA
    31. McGinnis Management, Aurora, CO
    32. Texas Title & Trust
    33. Amadeus Vacations
    34. Liberty Title and Trust
    35. Paramount Networking Solutions
    36. Timeshares 4 Free
    37. Bay Tree Solutions
    38. White Mountain Holdings
    39. The Corporate Timeshare Network
    40. Start Points Vacation Solutions
    41. Corporate Timeshare Network
    42. Resort Vacation International
    44. The Consulting Firm, Conroe, Texas
    45. Resort Vacations Now (
    46. Resort Club Exchange.
    47. American Settlement Services
    48. Consumer Protection US

    Thank You,

    Your Management Team

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Palm Beach Shores Resort boasts spacious accommodation with fully-equipped kitchens and additional living space for larger families. We also offer a variety of activities to make your vacation fun and enjoyable. Take a look at the latest, limited time offers below!

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